Who we are?

In 2014, sisters and co-directors Nadia and Tenille together launched their business, Einsteinhands.

What we are offering?

The Einsteinhands program equips parents, child minders, teachers and professionals with the necessary knowledge and tools to enable them to teach an easy, practical and affordable kinesthetic movements program or better known as the 'sign language vocabulary' to children from 6 months to 6 years of age. Einsteinhands offers a unique curriculum program that schools can use in the classroom. Parents, child minders and professionals will also enjoy using the toolkit at home or in their practice and benefit greatly from the online training course.

Why we do it?

Nadia, “ I am a Biokineticist with a post graduate certificate in Education. When I researched the effects that gesturing (arm-and hand movements, including fine and gross motor movements) had on the development of a child’s brain, I was encouraged with the positive results. Having realized the benefits that kinesthetic movement has on a child’s development, I decided to use this method with my own children. At that time, due to the limited resources and support available in this field, I decided to launch my own program, and together with my sister Tenille, Einsteinhands was born”.

This is a unique South-African product!

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