Benefits of using Einstein Hands

Accelerates verbal language development, vocabulary & speech

By learning Sign Language your baby can develop a vocabulary of at least 50 words before he or she has even spoken which has a positive effect on their language development.

Hand movements and speech work as an integrated system. Through the use of Signing, spoken language (speech) follows naturally.

When babies who sign start talking they tend to have larger vocabularies than those who don’t use sign language.

When using Einsteinhands, you combine visual and auditory mediums, thereby reinforcing language. Signing is still useful for babies and toddlers who already speak as it boosts and develops their understanding of both concepts and language.

Important to know: Spoken language is not replaced by Sign language. Sign language is there to support language by introducing visual/kinetic movements (Sign language). Therefor it will not hinder speech and language development - rather it will enhance it.

Promotes learning and higher IQ levels

Research has proven that children who sign have higher IQ levels than those who don’t. Signing encourages an early interest in reading, which strengthens literacy skills

Signing not only enhances your child’s memory, as they are required to memorise signs, but also their creative thinking and imaginations. Because children learn through sensory perceptions it is important to expose them to Visual learning (sight), Kinaesthetic learning (doing) and Auditory learning (hearing). When this occurs, connections are formed in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The variety of sensory stimulation offered by the Einsteinhands programme will assist both babies and children in establishing a strong foundation for their future learning.

Fosters confidence in growing children

When children are able to effectively communicate their wants and needs they gain both a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. From an early age they love to show you what they are capable of and thrive on positive reinforcement, which in turn boosts their confidence.

Einsteinhands gives parents the opportunity to strengthen their bond with their child as they communicate through the art of signing. As learning takes place in the child’s familiar surroundings, they feel secure, affirmed and confident.

Improves fine and gross-motor development

Signing develops a child’s fine-motor (fingers and hands) co-ordination, which leads to improved levels of concentration. In addition it strengthens their gross-motor (in arms and body) development, which boosts overall physical competence. Furthermore, when signing children are encouraged in the areas of midline-crossing, bilateral co-ordination, symmetrical, asymmetrical and reciprocal movement, all of which prepare the child for reading and writing.

Stimulates effective two-way communication

Signing enables pre-verbal children to participate in conversations. It also helps them clarify what they are trying to communicate. With signing you avoid any possible misunderstandings or frustrations because you know exactly what the child is trying to say and in turn they feel acknowledged and understood.

Encourages bilingualism

Einsteinhands makes use of the official South African Sign language vocabulary as a bridge between two spoken languages e.g. English and Afrikaans.

Children will hear Cat/Kat and see the sign for Cat/Kat. Even if you introduce Zulu “ikati” the sign will be familiar to them and they will recognise all three languages because it is supported with something familiar – a sign!

Signing helps reduce unexplainable emotional outbursts during the challenging “terrible two’s”

Most emotional outbursts happen when children are either frustrated, need help, or want something and don’t know how to ask for it. However if your pre-verbal child is able to communicate their requirements, you are able to respond accordingly thereby avoiding outbursts and tantrums. Signing helps children to deal and control their thoughts, feelings and needs in a more constructive and appropriate manner.

Assists in teaching good manners from an early age

There is a saying that goes; “Bend the tree while it is still young.”

Did you know that a child can have beautiful manners before he / she can even speak? These are all principles you can enforce from an early age. If your child understands ‘no’, he will certainly understand the concept of saying thank you, please, sorry and so on.

Parents find signing rewarding

The rewards that you gain as a signing adult are immeasurable. Signing creates an atmosphere of fun (with lots of laughs) when you see a child signing. It is also something unique that YOU alone are teaching the child – a gift that will certainly be returned to you on a daily basis.
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